It is Summer Time….the season we give ourselves permission to Goof Off a bit….
I don’t think of goofing off as a negative…..but when I read the definition for the noun……it wasn’t such a positive image!!

HMMMMMM……but relax!  This post isn’t about that kind of GOOF OFF…..
It is about THIS!
$4 worth of MAGIC….
In a little yellow can!
Add a little steel wool and this stuff will remove any number little messes!
This Thursday we will turn Sweetwater into a Floral Arranging Studio for a day!
A friend is coming to make ALL the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres for her wedding!
Won’t that be fun? 
If you want to read about another time we did this CLICK HERE
I am organizing supplies and getting ready for Thursday.
When I got out my clippers…..oh my….they were not ready for company!!
Time to GOOF OFF!
10 minutes later……SUCCESS!
Seriously….this stuff is amazing!
My stainless steel craft room sink is always a mess from all the different abuses I subject it too!
Since this is often the place we have the “Beverage Center” when we entertain….it gets the steel wool and GOOF OFF treatment to be ready for company too!
So….I highly recommend that you have a little can of GOOF OFF in your closet!
I also highly recommend that at least a couple of times this summer you be a GOOF OFF!
(I won’t tell)!