When you think of souvenirs from Mexico you probably think of things like these!

Pretty…..and pretty expensive!  
And to be honest they aren’t exactly the right look for my decor….except for the jewelry!
This is my absolute FAVORITE purchase from the Mercado!
Click to see what it is!
Yup…..it is a dish scrubber!!!!
Oh….not just any dish scrubber…..but one that works better than any other scrubber I have ever used!
Notice how you can hold on to the scrubber up high enough to keep your hands out of “yucky” stuff!
Notice the strong broom corn bristles!
Broom corn is what they make those really good Amish brooms out of!
Broom corn seems to be almost indisructable….this little scrubber has been used for over 2 years now….and it is going strong!
 I have another one up in the gift closet…..but….hmmmmm….I think it won’t be a gift after all….just in case this one does wear out before our next trip to Mexico!
My scrubber was 10 Pesos at the Saturday Market in Santiago…
Like I said….I bought 2!
I am such a big spender!
If you aren’t heading to the Mercado any time soon….

These cost a bit more than 10 Pesos…..but you don’t have to buy the airline ticket!
I also have heard that you can find these scrubbers at any grocery store that is primarily Mexican foods…..I haven’t personally seen them….but it would be worth a trip down the cleaning supply aisle if you have a store like this close to you.
I think I should have had a Mexican Broom Corn Scrubber back in the day when I was helping my Grandma with the dishes on the farm!
Maybe I would have looked a little happier to be slaving at the sink!
Have A Wonderful Day!