I love my iPad!
I use it all the time!
I am always looking for new ways to use it…..
and of course we know that there are lots and lots of apps out there.  
In fact…..there are too many apps out there!  
Mostly the basics are good enough!
Besides…..trying to find apps that are free or low cost can be pretty time consuming.
And…..I don’t even know exactly what I am looking for!!!
Then when you do find something there is the decision……should I buy it if I don’t know whether I will like it!
A couple of months ago, I found this great free APP!
It is available in the iTunes store for free download for iPad and iPhone!

Once you have the AppsGoneFree, you will get a push notification every day with 5-8 different Apps that you can download for free that day.   These are usually paid apps that the developer is offering the free download on that day.

For instance, this was the list from yesterday!
I have seen quite a few games…..but I am not a gamer!
Lots of photography apps…..worth trying out if they are FREE!  
Lots of productivity apps….and lord knows I need to be productive!!!
The thing I like the best about this…..if I download a FREE app that I don’t like….I just delete it!
Somehow….if I pay money for something and don’t like it….it is harder to throw it away!
I tried to find something like this for the Android market….but was not successful!
If anyone out there knows of something that has free trial apps for an Android device, let us know!
Have a Great Day!