I laughed when I saw this quote!

It perfectly sums up my mantra for Holiday Decorating!

I think that it really is “all about the bows, the bows, the bows!

One of my most visited posts of all time on this blog is the tutorial for making beautiful bows!


I get a little nervous when I think about all those folks (like almost 5000 folks) reading the post and thinking that SWEETWATER STYLE is the expert and last word about bowmaking!

I decided to check out what other experts on bow making are saying….
Maybe there is a better way than my way?!

6 Easy Ways to Tie Ribbon Bows:  This is a set of 6 YouTube Videos with super slow easy to follow step by step directions.  Good for the beginner!  What I learned at this site….the name for the bow that looks like this! 
Did you know that it is called a DIOR bow?

Bow Making Pinterest board from Doodlebug636  I liked this site because of the many visuals which are good for inspiration!

A lot of pinterest boards had this basic set of instructions from Better Homes and Gardens.  If you are looking for the basics written in easy to understand language…..this is a good site!

Mostly what I learned……The Sweetwater Bow Making technique is pretty much the way everyone else does it!
Whew!  That is a relief!

I got out my ribbon stash yesterday

….and am ready to TIE ONE ON!

Before I go….I need to tell you this funny blogging story….

I don’t know if you remember the post a couple weeks ago about reworking and refreshing old holiday decor?

Part of that post was about updating this wreath!

So a few days after the post….I just randomly commented to Mr. S…..”Did you like the way the deer antler wreath looks?”

His answer was priceless!

“Yes”, he said  “I saw it on-line!”

He had no idea where it was hanging in the house….even though he had probably walked by it more than a few times!  It is a good thing I keep him posted!

Have a Great Day!

Kammy’s Korner