A happy discovery:   the nice (and cheap) the fresh wreaths from CostCo!
Oops….I probably shouldn’t say how cheap they are because I often give them as gifts!
These wreaths are big and have lots of different kinds of greenery!

All those wreaths probably get to the store smashed on top of each other on the truck!
That means the greens are pretty flattened out when you buy them!
If you take just a couple of minutes to “fluff” the greens…

It makes ALL the difference!
Pulling the greens up and out makes the different kinds of greenery “pop”!

Cost Co wreaths do not come with bows….but that is fine by me!
A wired ribbon bow that is just the right color for your decor also makes a difference!

HMMM…..that is way better than those smashed fake velvet ribbons that a lot of wreaths have….

That Sweetwater Grandbaby has arrived!!!

I will soon post some photos….but he spent his first 5 days hooked up to tubes and lots of “stuff” !  He is perfectly fine now and will finally get to go home today!!!
What does this have to do with “Styling a Fresh Wreath”?  Actually…..A LOT!
It was fun to CUSTOMIZE this wreath for a unique twist on the traditional balloons on the mailbox announcement of new baby in the neighborhood!  

I hope this inspires you to take a minute or two to make your purchased wreath just a little more special this year!

Have A Great Day….
Mine will be perfect because I get to go hold that grandbaby for the first time!