I made this pillow a few years ago! 

Pottery Barn sold pillows like this for more money than I was willing to spend….but you know how “thrifty” (cheap) I am!

Instead of felt for the petals….I cut up a off-white boiled wool jacket that I found at Goodwill.

The tutorial for the pillow can be found HERE,

Look at this! 

Another boiled wool jacket from Good Will!

This one is RED…..

Doesn’t it just call out….”Make me into a pillow?”

Note the braided trim on the jacket….I had an AHA moment about how to use that!

The project is simple….

Start with a pillow….I used burlap but canvas or an old sweater would work too!

Just cut 5 petals of 3 different sized petals from the wool
Sew down the center of each petal to create a slightly “gathered” effect so the finished flower has a raised surface.

Arrange in layers….sew them on….

 Add the buttons from the jacket  or “jingle bells” to the center of the blossom!

Remember the braided trim?  I carefully trimmed it from the jacket….it was the perfect border around the edge of the pillow.

The jacket had enough wool to make two pillows…..but not enough trim!

So I made one with trim and one without!

I can’t decide which one I like better…..

These are for gifts….so I guess I need to say that I like them both equally!

I don’t have buttons left either….so I will add tiny jingle bells….or at least I will when I unpack the Christmas items in storage and find them….I know I have some somewhere!!!

I was on the Pottery Barn website to see if they still sell the Poinsettia Pillow (THEY DON’T)!
I saw this little gem!

 I think if I cut a stencil using my Cricut and a canvas pillow…..I could pull this off!
And it won’t cost $39.50!
I do need to go to the craft store to get some red jingle bells….what do you think….$1.99?!

Have A Great Day!

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