What a fun afternoon we had decorating the tree for the Auburn Homes Festival of Trees!
 The Sweetwater Daughter had to be scolded into just sitting……that baby is very close to arrival and we didn’t want to have to be running to the hospital before the tree was done!
The Sweetwater Niece provided a lot of inspiration and some non-alcoholic bubbly and mood music!

I wanted to show you amazing photos of the whole process…..but the lighting in the room was not good….so you get what you get I guess!

The little cardboard cars nestled into the tree branches…

We hung the records with black curling ribbon….

Lots of silver tinsel garland tucked into the branches to provide fill and sparkle….

The myriad of pink and silver ornaments filled the tree….

The black and white checked ribbon winds through the branches….

The tree topper was created on the spot with 4 of the little Jukeboxes and a giant checked bow!

 The Poodle Skirt was the perfect pop of pink for the base of the tree!

When we started….we were a little worried that the tree would look too “Kitchie”…..

But as the elements came together and all the garland, ribbon and ornaments started to fill in the spaces…..

It ended up just looking lighthearted…..
But elegant!

The tree looks wonderful…..and will raise lots of money for a good cause!
More important…we had the  opportunity to work together 
 for 3 hours of productive fun…

Have a Wonderful Day!

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