Dining Table Centerpieces are always a bit of a conundrum for me!

The decor needs to be something that can be on display when the table is not being used….

The decor needs to be something that doesn’t get in the way when we are actually using the table for dinner….

The decor needs to be something that is long lasting….

This is my solution this year!

These hurricane glass lanterns are something that I have had around for a long time!
I had three of them…..and then one crashed to the floor this summer!
The Sweetwater Daughter to the rescue!  
She found Three at Goodwill and donated them to me!
Do the math and now I have a nice set of FIVE!
Putting them together is super simple!
The wine glass creates a pedestal to lift the votive candle.
It is clear…leaving space to add some greens and colorful accents!
(The accents I used are things from some holiday potpourri )
 Then the whole thing sits on a plate…
Making it easy to move when the center of the table is needed for dinner!
Raising the votive on the wine glass stem keeps the flame away from the greens!
Remember that I told you that my silver collection is going on a field trip this weekend?
When that happens….my dining room shelves will be pretty bare!
I want to put the lanterns on the shelves to fill the space….
but don’t want to have real fire that close to the underside of the shelving!
I think I am going to get some battery powered votives for them this year…
That will solve that problem!
But…..what if you don’t have lovely Hurricane Chimneys?

You probably DO have some plain glass vases…..

But if you don’t….you COULD go get some at the thrift store for almost nothing!

It would be simple to create a similar look….and the solid bottom would make this even simpler!
 So if you are looking for a quick, easy and low cost solution for a tablescape……this is one possibility!
Here are some other versions I found on line for your inspiration!
Hope you are inspired to try something like this!
Have A Wonderful Day!