I was standing there in the middle of all of those boxes of Holiday Decorations!
Suddenly….I remembered this quote by Coco Chanel.
I decided that this would be my mantra for putting up the decorations around the house! 
For some reason…the idea of lots of “Stuff” all over the place was making me “itchy”!
The mantel in the family room was the first stab at simplicity!
Instead of lots of “stuff”…… just a giant wreath and some greenery!
Funny aside:  the wreath was up for our late Thanksgiving celebration…the family was sitting around in the family room….YIKES!…half of the twinkle lights on the wreath had burned out….AND it wasn’t centered on the mirror! 
I noticed the Sweetwater Son looking at the mantel….I am sure that he was thinking that his Mother was losing it!  Hopefully he will notice that I FIXED it!
The bannisters in the family room and front entry are simpler this year too!
Instead of big fancy bows….these simple bows look nice and hopefully elegant!
Another funny aside:  The reason the greens and bows are on the underside of the bannisters….to avoid Mr. S complaining that he is “gonna fall and kill himself if he can’t actually use the railings to walk down the steps!”
The mantel in the lower level is simple too!
Just a bit of greenery and the elk antlers!
The simple pine cone decoration hanging in the kitchen window has a clean look!
On Top of the refrigerator….I simply gave my “recipe pig” a bit of Christmas Cheer!
Now here is the “real” simplicity this year!
We are not having a giant tree!
Don’t call me Scrooge…..but since the Sweetwater Kids have left the nest…..
decorating the big tree has fallen to me!
Mr. S does “other stuff” so I usually take on the tree decoratiing!
I can do it….but it is a lot of work….and with all the other decor around the house….
it seems almost extraneous!
When a friend brought this little tree top from the woods….it seemed the perfect solution for our tree this year!
I had scored this fun urn at Goodwill….waterproof and just the right size (and price $1.99)!
Down in the lower level….this simple galvanized tub is filled with greens, birch, pine cones, pomegranates and twinkle lights….it is “sort of” a Christmas tree!
The dining room will also stay simpler this year!
The big mirror just has a garland and the chandelier some greens and ornaments!
Would you believe it…..I am not even adding bows!

The shelves in the dining room are going to be a work in progress!
All my silver is “going on a field trip” this year.
One of my girlfriends is using it for her wedding reception the Friday before Christmas!
I guess “empty shelves” are the epitome of simple!
I will figure something out….but that is a project for another day!
Well….I hope all this simplicity actually looks elegant and NOT like I was being lazy!
Have a wonderful day!