One more gift to wrap!
It feels strange to have them all wrapped BEFORE the 24th!
It must be this whole retirement thing!  Yippee!
Are you finished with your gift wrapping?
If you still have some to do….
here is a little trick that makes a lot of sense!

This technique saves wrapping paper!
This technique makes gift opening a whole lot less messy!

I use the old traditional wrapping technique for things that won’t fit in a box like this….

But these plain white shirt/sweater/robe boxes get used for almost all of the gifts if there is any way to make them fit.

Yeah….I hear you saying….what’s the big deal with that….everybody uses those boxes!

But here is the little secret….notice that the cover comes off?

Instead of wrapping the whole box…..I only wrap the cover!

Cut a piece of wrapping big enough to wrap up the sides of the box and tuck inside the cover.

Fold the pieces up and over and secure with tape.

The corners are done the same way that you would if you were wrapping the whole box, except you bring the mitered paper up and inside.

It is a simple matter to put the gift in the box…

Cover it with tissue….

 Slide the wrapped cover over the top!

If you do your shopping early….you can get the “stuff” in the boxes and then do a marathon wrapping session nearer to the holiday!

I have even done some of the boxes ahead “waiting” for the gifts to fill them….

Since the cover comes off…it is simple to add the gift!

This year I got a GiNORMOUS roll of this green and gold striped foil wrap for around $7

I bought gold satin wired ribbon…..50 yards for $6…

 Instead of making fancy bows for the boxes….

This year I simply wrapped the ribbon around and tied a nice simple bow that is super easy to untie!

Now for probably the BEST reason to use this technique!
When it is time to open all the presents……the bow is easy to pull apart….
The cover of the box comes off….
No piles of wrapping paper to throw away….everyone just puts the covers back on their LOOT and takes it home with them…
I end up saving the pretty ribbon to use next year!
The Sweetwater Son calls this “TV” wrapping…because when people on TV open presents….that is the way “the fancy people” unwrap gifts!
“Brilliant”….if I don’t say so myself!
If all YOUR presents are already wrapped….pin this for next year!
Have A Wonderful Day!
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