A few months back I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet!
I figured pushing a button and letting the solution spray out would be easier than crawling around on my hands and knees!
It was….but I really didn’t like the Swiffer cleaning solution! 
I especially didn’t like it because I was told it wasn’t good for my newly refinished wood floors!
WHAT I really  didn’t like was the fact that the bottles of Swiffer Cleaner were NOT refillable!  
Seriously…..what marketing genius this is on Swiffer’s part…..the only way to save my knees….buy their expensive stuff!
Marketing genius maybe…..but I HATE when a company “holds me hostage”!
I knew that I couldn’t be the only one bugged by this!
I knew that someone out there had probably figured out a solution!
Sure enough…..YOU can refill those bottles!
Here is the link to the how to I used…..pictures and everything!  http://lifehacker.com/5717409/refill-your-swifter-wet-jet-no-special-tools-required
I bet you think that this is some super sneaky trick with the need for lots of expertise!

If you can boil water……
You can refill your Swiffer Solution Bottle!
It is that easy!
Just stick the bottle in boiling water for a minute or two….
The plastic will melt enough so you can unscrew it!
Well…..wasn’t THAT easy!
I refilled my bottle with the BONA floor cleaner that IS recommended for my refinished wood floors….
I have another bottle that I bought when I first purchased the Wet Jet….
It will be easy to switch the two different bottles out when I am cleaning bathroom or tile floors….
I will probably use the swiffer product and then replace it with vinegar and water!
I seriously love when there is a simple solution to a problem!
I am also seriously loving how shiny the floors are!
Have a Wonderful Day!