I have been spending a bunch of time with my head in the toilet bowl lately!
Anybody know the source for this? 
NO…..thank heaven I don’t have the flu!
(knock on wood….or porcelain)
I have been dealing with a pesky problem!
Yup….that dreaded lime scale ring where the top of the water in the bowl sits.
We are pretty good about keeping the toilets clean here at Sweetwater…..but over time….I am afraid to say that this lime scale thing was building up!!!
Now….I know this is NOT a huge problem….in fact it is pretty minor in the big scheme of things!
But….it was bugging me!

I made the decision that I was gonna figure out the solution and fix the problem!
I did a bit of research….always the first step in the problem solving process!  
(don’t I just sound like a librarian?)
I came upon this website:
Jill’s Home Remedies  and she had a way to remove the ring…..you can hop over and read about it!
But let me show you how I eliminated the ugly rings in the toilet bowls at Sweetwater!
I had all of the ingredients for the secret potion:
I definitely had the lime scale ring in the toilet bowl!
YIKES!  I am actually a little embarrassed to show you this…
BUT….truth in blogging!
I simply poured some of the borax and some vinegar into the bowl instead of emptying the water and making the paste like in the how-to article.
I suppose it was about 1 1/2 cups of borax and 1 cup of vinegar.
I waited about 10 minutes and then got impatient….go figure!
The idea of using sandpaper on the porcelain made me nervous…
I was afraid of scratching the surface….
I started using steel wool at first….no success!
Then I remembered the sandpaper covered foam block we have…
I knew that was a nice fine grit…
I checked it out by sanding a spot WAY UP under the rim….JUST IN CASE!
Really….NO scratching…
Because it is such fine grade sandpaper…..I did need a bit of time and elbow grease!
 I would definitely claim this as a success!
I was soooo excited to show my work to Mr. S….I loved his comment:
“You know, don’t you, that nobody will ever appreciate all the work you did to fix this?  But they probably would notice that it wasn’t done.”
If you think about it….isn’t that what almost ALL housecleaning is about?
I have one more toilet bowl to go….but it will be worth it!