Calendar Art is something that has been around for a long time…..

The choices abound….whatever you love….they probably make a calendar for that!
 But really….Techie tools make printed calendars sort of “old school”…in fact it is an ongoing challenge to keep my electronic calendar updated!

So….you won’t find hanging calendars on the walls of our house.

 Mr. S keeps his favorite “Weather Guide” calendar on the inside of a kitchen cabinet for reference. I like the fact that it is hidden away!

The picture above is a great looking tea towel printed with the 2015 Calendar that the Sweetwater Daughter bought.  She wanted it framed to hang in her laundry room.

It is framed with a simple black mat in a standard poster frame!
This makes an inexpensive and nice large piece of wall art !
The mat cutter made the process simple….but if you don’t have one….you could just put the towel directly on top of the mat!
Now on to the interesting new website!
Whenever I write a post….I always do a little research to find other examples of what I am writing about.  
I was looking for other examples of Calendar Tea Towels!
I did an image search…..and kept seeing the image source as “” !
These are a couple of the cute designs I found!
But it was the site that is intriguing!

Spoonflower  is a site that lets you create your own custom fabrics!
It looks like the custom printed fabrics, wall paper and gift wrap are pretty reasonably priced.  Not Target priced…but for a custom design….not bad!
  • Cotton Poplin: $20/yard ($18 with designer discount)
  • Smooth Wallpaper (previously called Wallpaper): $5 per linear foot ($4.50 with designer discount)  Opaque white paper with water-activated adhesive backing
  • Matte Gift Wrap: $15 per roll ($13.50 with designer discount) Paper with a matte finish, perfect personal touch on a thoughtful gift

Go take a look…if you are like me….it will get your creative juices flowing!
HMMMM….what should I design?

Have A Great Day!
It is -13 degrees in Minnesota… my goal is to stay inside and stay warm!

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