Burlap is more than just a “trendy” decor element here at Sweetwater!
So this Friday’s Favorite is BURLAP!

First let’s look check out some very fun ways to use burlap!
Clearly this potato sack dress is NOT on my list of sewing projects!

Burlap Decorating Ideas
Lots of furniture, curtains and other fun decor!

Who knew there is a whole website devoted to
BURLAP Projects?

You can find more than 50 clever burlap ideas over at
Saved By Love Creations

If you aren’t tired of looking at burlap projects yet…
There are more than 100 on this link!
Check out the ruffled bedskirt…..can you just imagine what Mr. S would say about that!

I always keep a couple of yards of burlap in the fabric stash and here are some reasons why!

It is a simple thing to stitch up some little burlap bags to cover the nursery pots that herbs come in.
Then a $2 purchase becomes a great party favor or hostess gift.
You could just tie a burlap square with some jute if you don’t wan’t to sew!
A burlaped covered brick tied with Gross grain ribblon makes a nice door stop!
There are so many cute printed burlap fabrics available….or you can stencil your own.
Instead of taking this houseplant out of the nursery container, it is just plopped into this great ceramic pot!
Some burlap makes a perfect “filler”.  
The fabric is so unobtrusive that you really don’t even see it. 
Burlap is not as messy as Spanish Moss so it is a great alternative.
I made these burlap “Puffs” in the fall.  I have been moving them all over the house….they tuck in nicely as textural interest.
They were made by using stick pins to stick circles of fabric into styofoam balls….cheap and simple.
Burlap ribbon is another nice staple to have on hand.  Obviously….you could cut burlap yardage into strips…which I have done on occasion….but the ribbon is nice given the price and convenience!
This little bit of decor was created by (“GASP” says the librarian) ripping the covers off of 3 old books from Goodwill and tying a bit of 5 inch burlap ribbon around the stack!
 When this favorite coffee table book got a water stain on it….
A burlap book cover came to the rescue!
So you can see why burlap is this Friday’s Favorite!
In fact….it seems that the “burlap look” has been a favorite of mine for a pretty long time!
Case in point: This fabric swatch looks a lot like burlap….but it isn’t!  
You have no idea how long I had to search for this upholstery to recover the living room sofa…..I wish it had been as inexpensive as burlap….but the neutral tone of the “upscaled” burlap look make it perfect for the clean and simple look I wanted.

I would love to see or hear how you use burlap!

Have a wonderful day!