I did a lot of chalkboard writing ” back in the day” before Smartboards replaced them.                                    I was pretty proud of my “teacher penmanship” skills!
It is humorous that chalkboards are ” historical artifacts” in the classroom, and yet, those same chalkboards have become popular home decor accents!

I have a big chalkboard in the stairwell to the lower level

I recently found a cute little easel chalkboard at a consignment shop that fits perfectly on the kitchen counter.

I usually write something seasonal on the chalkboards…..but in all honesty…I have been feeling that my efforts would not get very good grades for creativity and penmanship!

 I decided it is time for me to spend some time perfecting….or at least improving…. my chalkboard art skills.
I guess that might be an irony goal for a retired teacher….but heck…I have nothing but time now!

Here is a round-up of all the great tips and techniques that are sure to turn my chalkboard art from novice to pro!

In My Own Style

Diane Henkler at In My Own Style has done  wonderful post with lots of tips.
This post has a link to some great fonts to download!
One of the tips that I found most helpful was how to season a new chalkboard to eliminate “ghosting”.

Here is a post from Kelly at the Lily Pad Cottage.  Her 10 tips are worth taking a look at.

My favorite on this post was to use Q-Tips…..well why did I have to read this to figure it out????

Sara D at Sincerely SaraD has really nailed it with this tutorial for Perfect Chalkboard lettering.

I think I am going to stick with regular chalk…..somehow using markers seems like “cheating”.

She does a chalk transfer technique that makes it simple to do “fancy” script with perfect spacing.

There is also a link to some font downloads here!

Tausha at Sassy Style Redesign has a list of great tips. 

My favorites:
Use the cheapest chalk….it is the best!
Use a make-up sharpener to sharpen your chalk!

I can’t wait to start practicing my “art”!
I will share when I have something I am proud of!
Now….off to spend a few minutes (hours???) searching Pinterest for just the right words!

Have  A Wonderful Day!