Did you ever get around to planting a pot or dish of wheat grass!
If you haven’t done that yet, maybe this centerpiece idea will motivate you!
I was so glad that this big bowl of wheat grass was in full “bloom” a couple of weeks ago.
Sadly…the Sweetwater fiancĂ© had a death in her family…. she wanted an interesting centerpiece to put on the table when the family gathered together.

This grass planting was a wonderful base for that centerpiece.

I used Gerbera Daisies because they are nice sturdy flowers.

They are almost always available for a low cost at the grocery store.

The Daisies have a big impact with few stems!
Five Daisies is a good number for this bowl.

Small blocks of floral foam need to be soaked to hold the stems of the Daisies in the grass.

These get tucked into the roots.

The grass gets “fluffed” back up around the foam so that it is hidden.
The stems of the flowers are cut pretty short.  Then it is a simple matter of pushing the stems into the foam and arranging the grass to hide the little floral foam blocks!

A simple white satin bow and some Spanish moss around the edge added a little bit of “special”!

While the reason for this centerpiece was not a happy one….it made me feel good to be able to express my condolences in a practical way!

There are many happier occasions that this centerpiece concept could work for….

This bowl of wheat grass should be a nice 3 inches tall just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

HMMMM…..What flowers to use?

Maybe Bells of Ireland….

This might be the ONE time when dyed carnations or mums might be OKAY!

I could cut some shamrocks too!

I just love this simple use of the flowers at the Melrose Family.  Are those lillies…?   Or maybe Jack in the Pulpit?

While I wait for the grass to start growing….I did put together a little St. Patrick’s Day vignette in the kitchen!

Mr. S picked up the little Shamrock Plant at the grocery store!
I was thrilled to find this little chalkboard easel at a consignment store last week!
Look closely at the “potato” on the easel ledge…..
it is really a rock that we found in a lake many years ago!
It is a nod to Ireland and the Potato Famine….!
Have A Wonderful Day!

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