“I can’t think why mothers love them. All babies do is leak at both ends.”   Douglas Feaver   

 Isn’t that the truth?
I have been sewing up some pretty cute drool bibs for the Sweetwater Grandbaby!
There are tons of tutorials and patterns out there! 
The Bandana Bib seems to be popular…..but personally….I think all that fabric up by the baby face is cumbersome!  If you like that look…here is a link to a pattern and tutorial!
Since there are many tutorials out there…I won’t bother to write one….so check out the links I have found!

Grow Giggle Designs Big Tutorial and Pattern

Make It Love It: Bow Tie Bibs from a Shirt

These little bibs are on my list to make!

This Pinterest Board has bunches and bunchers of inspiration!

I spent some fun time at the fabric store looking for cute fabric!
I bought a yard of nice white terry cloth and scored a remnant of some sturdy soft flannel that is actually drapery lining…..the $5 remnant was a great bargain!
Here are the bibs for the Sweetwater Grandbaby!

Don’t you love this print?

I put a snap on this one…but I discovered that I am a bit “Snap Challenged”….

I opted for velcro on the next ones!

However….I really struggle to sew the velcro on in such a way that it stands up to laundering!

I would love to hear from you if you know a solution for sewing velcro on neatly and sturdily (is that a word???).

This denim look is nice…

 The double stitching is a nice finish too!

I have more denim and I might try one with a pocket and some kind of pocket square!

I love this doggie printed flannel!
My sewing machine has some embroidery stitches that are a cute finished edge!
The one on the left is done with a frayed edge….but be sure to launder the bib before you let the baby wear it or you will have lint mixed with drool everywhere!
The REAL reason for this post is so I can do a little “cute agression” and post pictures of the “cutest baby ever” modeling my creations!
I had an old University of Minnesota sweatshirt that had seen better days!
I used the M from the arm and appliqued it on the front of the bib!
Now….our little Minnesota Gopher…..can drool in style!
During his “Photo Shoot”….I caught an editorial expression of the opinion most Gopher fans have of this year’s Basketball season!
Is that funny or what?!
Have A Wonderful Day!
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