It is easy to revive a floral arrangement with a little bit of time and very little effort!
Before you throw away your flowers….look closely to see if you can “redo” them!

These are the gorgeous Mother’s Day flowers from
the Sweetwater Son-in-law and Grandbaby!

This was yesterday…..a week after they arrived.  
They still looked sort of OKAY…but the roses had shriveled and looked sort of sad.
You can see that there are lots of good looking flowers and greens left in the arrangement.
For some odd reason…the Lillies took a whole week to start opening….go figure!
It was time for a redo!
It is just a simple matter of taking everything apart and starting over!
Yup…everything came out of the old arrangement….
The floral foam was cut to fit a smaller vase…..
Fresh water and new floral food went in the vase….
Every stem got a new cut….
Old wilted leaves got pulled off….
The droopy roses were history!
Then the fun of rearranging the still good looking stems into a new arrangement!
Call me crazy….but to me…there really is something therapeutic about arranging flowers!
The finished “rearrangement” is almost as pretty as the original!
There was  one rose that was too nice to toss…it will go in a day or two….but in the meantime….
I bet this will look nice for another week!
Have A Great Day!