I just know you all have been waiting to see what I came up with for my entry into the Mystery Thrift-Off that is going on over at Lindsey’s Better After Blog!

I bet every day at least once….you think to yourself…”I wonder what the Sweetwater Mystery Thrift-off entry will be?”  Seriously….if that is true….hmmmmm!

It is time to reveal what I did with this pile of tiny little popsicle sticks mixed in with some regular sized ones!

I refuse to do the long drawn out reveal like on Dancing With The Stars or American Idol!
So here you have it!

Drum Roll Please!

 It’s a Growth Chart for the Sweetwater Grandbaby!

I had been meaning to create a Growth Chart for this little doll for a long time….and how perfect to have it ready for his 1/2 birthday!

When I was looking on Pinterest to get ideas for that…..the ones I liked the best looked like giant yard sticks!

HMMMM…..the little craft sticks make great inch marks and the longer ones make perfect yard marks!

If you would like to see the process….keep reading…

Take a moment to vote for my entry and then just keep admiring the Sweetwater Grandbaby….

Actually making something his CUTENESS was my diabolic plan to get more votes!

I really made an effort not to go out and buy anything for this.

I wanted it to be a true “use what you have”  project!

I am happy to say that I was able to meet that goal!
Everything that went into this was something that I already had!

This is the Nursery where the Growth Chart will “hang-out”!

The crisp navy, green and white are really a nice combination.

I used the CriCut to create the lettering.  You can’t see the pattern on the paper….but it is a subtler version of the blue and green theme.  I didn’t want to go all matchy matchy on this!


I was afraid that coating the craft sticks with ModgePodge would make them hard to write on,

That is why I coated the board and letters first!

After patiently waiting for the project to dry…..

It was time to have the Sweetwater Grandbaby give his stamp of approval!

Can I have a great big “AWWWW” for his cuteness please?

Notice that the bottom of the board starts at 6 inches.  This is so it can be hung on the wall and avoid the molding.  Besides…..no baby is littler than 6 inches….right?  Luckily, this board was long enough to go to over 6 feet.  This little guy needs to aim to be as tall as his Dad!

Here is the finished Grow Chart hanging in the nursery!
It seems to really fit the decor theme!

A Special Thanks to the Creative Lindsey for thinking up this challenge!
I can’t wait to see all the other Mystery Solutions!
I am sure everyone had just as much fun as I did with the project!

Be sure to hop over to Lindsey’s Better After Blog! and see the projects as they are revealed in the next few days!
And OF COURSE I want your votes when the voting opens!
A prize would be great….but heck The Sweetwater Baby is the REAL Prize!

Have A Wonderful Day!

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