Oh My!  
I realized that I haven’t done a post about GoodWill for awhile!
That doesn’t mean I haven’t been hitting my favorite boutique “Bonne Volanté”!
I put together a fun arrangement for the family room coffee table using some stuff from there!
The Dahlias in the front border are blooming and beautiful!
They will bloom more and grow bigger if I clip or dead head some of the flowers!

The Pachysandra is looking really nice right now and makes a perfect green fill!

The Sweetwater Daughter collected lots of little glass votive holders and I ended up with a bunch of them.

This fun octagon mirror with a metalic frame was a find a few months ago!

Put it all together and…..this is what I ended up with!

I really like the low profile of the arrangment!

I really like how the mirror reflects the water and the flowers!

Look around your house and garden!
I bet you have a mirror!
I bet you have some little glasses or votive holders!
You need to “dead head” your flowers anyway!
You could do this TOO!
Have a nice Day!