Does this ever happen to you?
You are in the thrift store and you see an item that you really like.
Then you see the price…..and think….
Oh my goodness….$9.99 for a basket of potpourri….what a splurge that would be.
There is something about the idea of the thrift store that messes with my sense of values.
Obviously this basket had never been used….and it was the right color for my decorating scheme.  If I had seen this in a retail store…I would have thought it was a real bargain!  But at GW $9.99 seems costly!  HMMMMMM???
I actually did go back and SPLURGE on this basket…
and this is why:
  •  All of those seed pods will be great additions to holiday arrangements.
  • The orange berries will tuck nicely into the cornucopia at Thanksgiving.
  • The wood shaving roses will be great package decorations.
  • The other stuff will add to any number of displays.
  • The pears are just darn cute!
  • The little chicken wire basket has lots of possibilities.

 HMMMMM….now $9.99 doesn’t seem like such a splurge!

For now….all those items got spread out in a large basket in the front window of the living room.  They really didn’t show off their charm when they were crammed into the littler basket.

I think this has a pretty “high end boutique” look! 
And for less money than a nice bottle of wine!
It will probably last longer too!
I would love to about your thrift store splurges!
Have a Wonderful Day!