The first day of Autumn is less than a week away.
I absolutely love the song “Try to Remember”
If you aren’t already in the mood for Fall….this song will definitely help!
Click on play and let the Brother’s Four serenade you while you read the rest of the post.

I have decided to move slowly into full scale Autumn around here.
I also am committed to NOT spending ANY money to add those touches.

I started by gathering up all of the obvious Summer Decor.

It all went on the kitchen table…..forcing me to actually put it away before I started to change things out!  
Then down to the storage closet AKA the huge mess!  I dug out the storage bins of fall decor.  It is always interesting to see what is actually in those bins!
This sad little wreath was hanging in the closet! 
It looks pretty barren and was in obvious need of a “use what you have” update!
There was a whole bag of these lovely dried Magnolia leaves that was left over from last Christmas.
all it took was a little work with the trusty hot glue gun……
Click to see the results
The leaves filled out the wreath.
I didn’t even take the old stuff off…just filled in the bare places

The wreath leans on the wall of the Baker’s rack with a display of those realistic looking pears that I got at Goodwill last year.  You can’t really see the print in the frame….but it is a very “fall like” batik print of two Mallard Ducks in a pond!
The next thing was another “use what you have” project.
I have several enlarged photos that have been edited with an $2.99 APP called Waterlogue

 I use the app and play with an image until it has the look I want.
The mat is cut for a 16 x 20 enlargement.
This is a photo from a trip we took to the Gulf Coast a couple of years ago.
The beachy look is perfect for Summer….but not very autumnal!
I leave all the edited enlargements in layers behind one another….
So it was a simple task to just bring the Fall image to the front!
Instant FALL Decor!

This is the original “un”Waterlogued photo!

Quite an artistic change….with little or no effort!

 The last two last little projects in the kitchen were simply done by looking through the storage bins to find items to create little touches of Fall.

I found this great two tiered stand at a consignment shop a few years ago.
It is a great way to display a vignette with a few dried pomegranates some grapevine orbs, sprigs of Chinese Lantern and preserved leaves.

Did you know that you can dry a pomegranate just by setting them in a window and turning them every so often so they don’t spoil?

I think this area above the kitchen desk is supposed to be for cookbooks…..but since I never use cookbooks anymore….it becomes an area to decorate!

The faux tomatoes and autumn leaves are just “plunked” into the Goodwill Copper Collection!

Look closely at the little acorns….they were a 99 cent Goodwill  find.
I highly recommend that you always browse the artificial flower aisle at the thrift store.
You will often find high quality decorative sprays for very little money.

Well…..I am done with decorating for today….and since Autumn doesn’t officially start for awhile….there isn’t any rush!

HMMMM…I think the front entryway will be the next area I tackle!
Stay tuned and Have a Great Day!

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