I seem to have been blessed with a distinctive voice.

I often have people say to me that they weren’t sure they recognized me….but they knew it was me when they heard me speak!!!

HMMMM….I am not so sure that having a distinctive speaking voice is all that great.
I am sure that having a distinctive WRITING voice is something to aspire to!

I want to give a shout out to a couple of my favorite bloggers who have the most delightful “voice” in their writing.
Yes…the content on these two blogs is terrific….but the WAY they write is what makes them exceptional!  Every post usually makes me laugh out loud!

Karen over at The Art Of Doing Stuff  is hilarious!  Her latest post is about Valentine Gifts, perhaps a mundane topic but NOT with her spin on it.  This week she posted about “why chickens don’t need sweaters”….Karen raises chickens and apparently “chicken sweaters” are all the rage….WHO KNEW!  Here is what she has to say about chicken sweaters.  It is a great example of her voice!

Chickens don’t need sweaters.

There’s a reason The Gap only has Gap Kids and not Gap Chickens.  There’s no need to put a sweater on a chicken and here’s why.

  1. Chickens aren’t people.
  2. Chickens aren’t dogs.
  3. Chickens aren’t toilet paper rolls.
  4. Chickens aren’t tea pots.
  5. Chickens are covered in that stuff your really expensive winter coat and duvet are made of.
  6. Chickens think you have bad taste.
  7. Chickens have dignity. Except when eating their own poop.
  8. Chickens are bullies. And cannibals.
  9. Re: #8, If a chicken bullies another chicken for wearing a sweater they won’t just laugh at them or trip them behind the chicken run.  They’ll eat their face off.
  10. Chickens need their faces.

Suzan at Simply Vintagious is truly laugh out loud funny!  She posts the running conversations she has with her husband as she does DIY projects.  Her Friday posts are just long rambling conversations….but she also posts projects with directions.  This week she gave precise instructions for making the “Diaper Cake” that is a popular Baby Shower centerpiece.  This is how she closed the post:

“It’s such a pretty way to present a gift – in my day we wrapped up a box of diapers and tossed it at the Mother to be LOL
whoever first came up with this idea ( John thinks it was me – I’m not going to disillusion him ) was a genius!
Level of difficulty?
PIECE OF CAKE ( couldn’t resist – absolutely could not resist )”

 So…Suzan and Karen….let it be known that I am motivated to start working on my the voice in my blog!

If you are a writer you might be interested in these links to suggestions for finding your writers voice!



My Goal…..to have someone read something I have written and say….”oh I recognized your VOICE!” Wish me luck….or better yet send me some suggestions for how to do this!

Have A Great Day and Remember!

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Last Modified: January 22, 2016