Are you old enough to remember….?
Back in the day….
We actually used FILM in cameras!

 It cost bunches of money…..and even more to get developed!
AND….you usually took very few pictures….and were stuck with them whether they turned out or not!

I remember rationing how many rolls of film we would use on a vacation.  Four or five rolls of 36 pictures was a pretty big extravagance for us!

 Then….along came the Polaroid!

Instant gratification…..but kind of lousy quality!

And Still…..super expensive….especially if your photography skills (or your subjects) were not up to par!

Too funny that all of the Instagram photos are a take off on the old look of polaroid prints!

Enter the 21st Century and Digital Photography!

There are no limits to how many photos you can take!


Now taking a bazillion photos of anything… film….no developing costs….is an every day habit!

HMMMMMM….that opens a whole new can of worms!
Organizing….deleting….storing those photos!
I have to admit….I am HORRIBLE at discarding photos and honing down the ones that are worth saving!
But THAT is a post for another day!

THIS post is a collection of cool things to do with your favorite vacation photos that steps outside the traditional “make a photo book” box!
Some I have done…..and others are ideas I found on other blogs and have on my to do list.


Crop some of the scenes from your trip into a square format.

Print them on card stock.

Use Mod Podge to adhere the images to plain white ceramic tiles.

Give the coasters a quick coat of spray on gloss laquer to water proof them.

Use adhesive backed felt on the back to protect the table you will use the coasters on.

 Fun and thrifty take on this project.

Look for coasters at the thrift store.  I found these for $1.99 and will be able to glue MY images right over the top….and they already have a backing!


This is the view from the rooftop bar in the hotel we stayed at in Hong Kong.

Using the Waterlogue APP it became an impressionist painting for the family room wall.

Here is a post with another image that was done in a similar way.

Over at Lovely Etc. you can find lots of other ways to use your photos.

This custom photo map from is so fun!


There are places like Zazzle that can turn your photos into double sided placemats.

The cost is “sort of” reasonable….but the quality is really amazing!


This tutorial from Inspired Ideas Mag gives all the directions for transfering photo images to glass.

That is definitely on my list TO DO!

 You can print images on fabric using your inkjet printer (Learn how here).

 Look at the cute pillows that were for sale at some shop in Yellowstone…..

I don’t remember exactly how much they cost…..but I bet it was plenty!

Look at the photo we took in Montana at the National Bison Range…

HMMMMM….that seems doable!

So many fun ideas…..I hope one of them provides you with some inspiration.

Do any of you have examples of fun things YOU have done with your photos?
I would love for you to take a minute and share!

Now…..I think what I REALLY should be doing with ALL my photos is editing them and only keeping the best ones….Yeah….and that is gonna’ happen!

Have A Wonderful Day!

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