A highlight of the our trip to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago was the afternoon that the Sweetwater Daughter, The Grand Boy and I spent browsing on Magazine Street.

We needed some retail therapy and some time away from “the men”. When we heard about this six-mile-long stretch from the Garden District to Uptown that has some of the best antique stores, art galleries, craft shops and boutiques to be found anywhere in the city we made a PLAN!  Mr. S. dropped us off and we began our stroll!

The Grand Boy had it made!  He was in the stroller so as we walked and walked and walked, his little feet were comfortable.

Notice if you will that even in the stroller….he decided that it was time for the shoes to come off!

I was NOT so fortunate!

The shoes I wore became more and more uncomfortable as the afternoon wore on.

The Sweetwater Daughter had been telling me about these great fold up flats that are known for comfort.

HMMMM…… I decided to that this would be a great time to buy some so I could continue to enjoy shopping!
We were in one little boutique that had them for sale!
The only problem…..they are a bit spendy….no they are a lot spendy…..really $80 for flats is something that my thrifty self just couldn’t bring my self to buy!
I decided to tough it out and let my poor little feet suffer!

We walked into Swap!

It is the cutest little consignment shop!
Would you believe it….there on the shelf was a pair of YS flats……in a leopard print…..in MY SIZE!  They were overstock….so they had never been worn!

The price was still kind of steep…..$49.00.
But my feet were really killing me!

I decided to just go for it….almost half price seemed like a doable bargain.

Then I got to the check out desk….

And wait for it….

The store clerk said….”Oh nice, these have a green sticker on the tag and that means they are half-off the sticker price.”

Oh be still my heart!

$25.00 for comfortable and stylish shoes!   SCORE!

So there you have it….my Bargain Buy!
This might not be the most memorable experience of our trip….but it was pretty nice!

Have A Wonderful Day!