January is my “Use What You Have” month!
January is such a great month for organizing, making TO DO lists and generally getting life back in order after the holidays.  
It is time to take the challenge to stay out of stores and not buy “ANYMORE STUFF”!          Sweetwater is full of STUFF!   
The look on this little guy’s face pretty much says it all!  
When I look through closets, shelves and drawers, the refrigerator and freezer, it never fails that I find “STUFF” that is almost better than something new!  
The real challenge is to see the “STUFF” in a new and creative way that will be something to “RELISH”. (remember that relish is my one big word for 2016)
Here is the family room mantle decorated entirely with “STUFF” we already have. 
  • The birch branches are leftovers from the holiday decor workshops.  I made the “forest” by sticking them into a little galvanized planter that was out in the garage.  The planter still had the dirt inside.  I just poked the sticks and branches into the dirt and covered it with some of the left over moss laying around.
  • I always buy those cute little cedar trees to use as holiday accents.  I put them in two matching off-white Haeger pots from my collection.   Putting them in a prominent place will guarantee that I keep them watered so they don’t get all crispy and die!
  • The birch pillars candles were hand made by Mr. S.  They have a spot drilled in the top that is just the right size for one of the inexpensive votive candle inserts.
I am “relishing” the look and the thriftiness!
I challenge you to do the same kind of “recycling” of your own stuff at your house!
Have A Wonderful Day!