Hello All and Happy 2016!
What a fabulous and busy few weeks this has been!
All the holiday excitement and then a week long trip to New Orleans have kept me away from blogging!  Sorry about that….but now I am back!
Those posts that people write about “just one word” for the year have always intrigued me.  I have decided to jump on that bandwagon this year.  
My “just one word” for 2016 is:

What a great word to create positive vibes for the year!
Whether RELISH is used as a noun or a verb it is all about enjoyment and flavor!
The buzzwords out there are all about “being present” and “having purpose”.
Sounds great….but if you aren’t relishing your presence and purpose…..it might feel like a chore as you move through the day.
Obviously, it was easy to relish things when we were vacationing.

Since we were with the Sweetwater Grandboy….the smiles and wonder on his face were certainly “spice” for our days.

And since we were in New Orleans….known for the flavors of the food….

There was plenty to “relish” with every bite of food!

Ribs, Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice, beignets, crab cakes, remoulade…..OH MY!

Now that we are home, my goal is to find things to RELISH every day!

Yesterday was a great case in point…..

I spent almost the entire day putting the holidays away!

I truly did RELISH the good feeling that comes from making a clean sweep!

The surfaces are clean….
The boxes of decorations are neatly stacked in the closet.
The floors are clean and the furniture is dusted.
I love the idea of sitting back and “luxuriating” in the fresh cleanness of it all!

It is time for the annual “cleaning-organizing-purging” that January seems to bring on for me! 

I have just finished reading Marie Kondo’s Book with her “rules” for tidying up.  There were obviously some great ideas in the book….but this is totally NOT Sweetwater Style!

The rule about not keeping anything that does not bring you JOY seems to fit with my “one big word”.  I should only have things that are “relish” in my life….

The only problem with that is….there are lots of things here at Sweetwater that I like….but that won’t bring me JOY until I find a purpose for them….and I may not have discovered that purpose yet!

So….in the meantime I am on my journey to RELISH both the big and small things that happen….

Happy New Year and Have A Wonderful Day!

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