Welcome March!  
Did you know that March 1st is the beginning of meteorological Spring?
In Minnesota, we know that “real” Spring probably won’t happen until May!
For heaven’s sake, Mr. S still has his fish house out on the frozen lake up north!
But that doesn’t mean I can’t have some touches of the season around the house!
That means it is time to grow some Wheat Grass!
I have posted before about the whole process of growing this beautiful green stuff!
THIS POST will give you some inspiration for fun things you can do with your wheat grass!
Sweetwater Floral Consultants had the honor of making all the centerpieces for the annual Children First Champion Breakfast this week.
350 wonderful folks gathered to commit themselves to the development of the 40 critical assets that our young people need for success.
Anyway….the little white pails were filled with wheat grass and some birch branches that I forced to leaf out.  
There were 35 tables….look how perfectly they matched the theme: “From a small seed…a mighty trunk may grow!”
If you have a Spring time event….this is a simple and thrifty way to have a lot of impact with little effort or cost.
It would be simple to buy some branches of Forsythia or Pussy Willow if you don’t have time to force your own twigs.
Those grocery store flowers….yes, even the ones with the artificial colors can make a cheerful statement….

Try this for a last minute hostess gift!
You know…..
when you need something simple…..
and you didn’t plan the week ahead to get your grass growing!
Make a Wheat Grass Growing Kit!

Choose a cute little pot of some sort!

You don’t need a drainage hole for wheat grass, but this little pot had one.

I lined the pot with a baggie so that water wouldn’t leak out if the pot was placed on a wood surface.

Fill the pot with potting soil.
I have a container of composted soil in the garage.  Wheat grass is NOT fussy about what kind of dirt to grow in.

Pour a nice covering of Hard Red Wheat Sprout Seed on top of the soil.

(you can buy this at the grocery store in the bulk aisle)

 Wrap the pot in some sort of cute wrapping.

I save the cellophane flower bags that wrap flower bunches from the store.

They make a “fancy” professional wrap for the little pot.

Tie some raffia around the top.

I add some directions for the recipient to follow!

 There you have it!
A cute gift….that will keep on giving!

The buckets of wheat grass for the Champion Breakfast needed mowing a few days before the event!

Ahhh….the smell of fresh cut grass!

The clippings went into the VitaMix and made a delicious smoothie for me!

Need More Inspiration?
Here are some ideas I found!
Hope you have time to get to the store for some wheat berries/
Maybe you should also stop at the thrift store to get some fun containers!
Happy Growing!