Did you know that there are RULES for decorating a mantle?
Yeah….who knew?
I have been decorating my mantle for years….and never knew that there are rules I should be following!!!!
I know this because?
I ran across this blog post from THRIFTY CHICK DECOR

so I went back in the blogging time machine to see how my past mantles have followed the rules I didn’t know I was supposed to follow!

It was enlightening!

I especially noticed how less than marvelous the photos are!

I really am trying to improve my photography!!!

But back to the subject at hand!

This display sort of follows the rules…but in hindsight perhaps the two cypress trees could have been on one side and the birch branches on the other with the logs in the center for fill.


This one doesn’t break too many rules….but there should probably be a taller anchor on the left.

OMG…talk about bad lighting decisions!

This display pretty much follows the rules except the “fill” should probably be grouped more tightly!

Fast forward to the present!

Last week I found this bag of potpourri on sale at Home Goods.  It has lots of beachy items that I know will work in a variety of summer decor.

I also bought these tall grasses and reeds.

I got out my favorite tall Haeger vases and got to work following the rules!

The results are nice!
I especially like the height of the side anchors!
So….will I ALWAYS follow the rules?
Probably not!
Remember what Katherine Hepburn said:
Have A Great Day!
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