I have a LOVE HATE relationship with April!
It is a hard month for gardeners in Minnesota!
Some days the temperatures soar…..I tiptoe around the yard doing a happy dance!
The next day….snow showers cover the tulips and pachysandra….brrrrr!

My green thumb is understandably itchy!

When I headed off to Home Depot the other day for some “stuff”!
I decided to check out the garden center!
I love how marketing at the big box stores works!
There in the indoor aisles were all kinds of outdoor annuals better suited for a store located a couple hundred miles south of here!

Good news…..
 I scored pansies and herbs for some indoor planters! 

Eight packs of pansies were only $3.33!

The 4 inch pots of herbs were 4 for $10!

I love this little trio of copper planters with a tray.

I imagine it came from the thrift store…but it has been around so long I can’t remember for sure.

It fits perfectly on the window sill over the kitchen sink.

I plopped the herbs into the pots for a perfect spring time display.

Pansies are a great little plant to buy in the early spring.  They are very hardy and could probably go outside even in mid-April….
but I decided not to risk it and instead do a planter in a basket that can transition from inside to out as the weather warms up.

I got out a fun basket and found 4 terra cotta  pots that fit.

The different heights of the pots is kind of a fun look.

I used a plastic liner in the basket to protect the table when it is inside.

$6.66 for 16 little plants is really a bargain.

They got divided between the 4 planters….

With a little bit of moss tucked in around the pots….the basket is a nice touch of Spring!

The weather forecast for today is 70 degrees and sunny….so I will put the basket outside on the deck for the day!
And ME?
I will be out in the yard doing a happy dance!

 Now….here is your cultural edification for the day….

Have A wonderful day!