Some of you may have been wondering….
“Where in the world has Sweetwater Style been these last weeks?”
We just returned from our annual trip to Manzanillo, Mexico last Saturday.
I don’t like to post from our vacation spots and advertise the fact that Sweetwater is empty!
So that is ONE reason for this blogging brreak!
Our Mexican vacations are not the typical all inclusive resort stay!
We are fortunate to have access to my brother and sister-in-law’s condominium… Manzanillo.
The weather is always perfect!
We have easy access to an almost private beach….
And almost private pool….
The fully eqipped kitchen makes it a joy to stay in and cook.
The $.45 bus ride to town and buy food is a daily adventure!
Fresh shrimp……
Fresh Squeezed orange juice!!!

We did very little restaurant eating….
The “Cocina Riviera Mar” has good food….and the view from the patio deck is better than most restaurants!

So sadly….we bid Mexico a fond “Hasta la Vista” and headed back home last Saturday!
You would think that I could have quickly started blogging about all the new projects I would be doing now that I am home from vacation….

Well….We did/do have a project going on around here!  
Here is the OTHER reason for my Blogging Break!
On Monday Mr. S had a total knee replacement.
He has really been suffering with a knee that has virtually no cartilage left.  OUCH!
He probably deserves a medal for managing the 109 steps from the condo unit to the street level in Mexico….
So instead of a medal….he got a new knee.
After a 4 day stay in the hospital he is back home and on the mend. 
It is interesting having conversations with someone who is normally so cognizant and articulate….he is on taking an interesting combo of drugs!!!
Anyway….his recuperation is keeping me a bit more housebound than usual!
I have lots of time to do projects.
Stay tuned and 
Have A Wonderful Day!