Basil is an all round wonderful herb.

 “It’s elementary my dear Watson”
(do you get the Basil connection?)

Here are some interesting basil facts if you want to wow everyone with your knowledge about basil.

That would have to be wiser conversation at dinner than politics!


I had always been proud of my basil growing abilities….

and then for the last two years…..disaster!

My plants started out looking good…and then this happened.

It seems I had a mildew….so I used new soil and pots this year!

Whatever was wrong before is no longer a problem!

You would think that this would be enough Basil for me!
One of the reasons that these plants look so full, is the constant pinching back that I do.
The snips of Basil (and Coleus  and even Rosemary) will send out new roots.
Just let the cuttings sit in a opaque container filled with water.
After about a week, you can pot these up.
The only thing better than a pretty Basil plant is a pretty FREE Basil plant!
Now I need YOUR help!
About the only thing I do with all this beautiful Basil is make Pesto or Caprese Salad.
I need some new recipes from you!
I would love to hear from you.
Have A Great Day!