Oh my, it has been even busier than usual here at Sweetwater.
Sweetwater Floral Design had the honor of creating all the floral decor for a wedding last Saturday!
Doing the flowers for a wedding is lots of fun, but oh so stressful!  
We were thrilled that the bride was happy with the results of our efforts. 
We were also thrilled that the temp last Saturday was above freezing and not the 11 degrees it was just a week later.

The events here on Friday night and Saturday morning were a lot less stressful and every bit as creative and beautiful as the wedding flower project.

Sweetwater Floral hosted what we call “Boughs-Bows-and Beverage” events.
This is a great way to gather some friends for a few hours of fun.
The best part is that everyone goes home with something beautiful.
The Sweetwater Garage is filled with all the BOUGHS and other foliage….
There are lots of ribbons available for the BOWS…
And of course there are BEVERAGES!
This year we had a number of Mother Daughter/Son teams creating together. 
So MUCH Fun!
We do these parties as part of our business…..
But earlier last week,  my the Sweetwater Daughter hosted her girlfriends for a birthday gathering.
Add a pot of chili and a few more beverages and you have a great “Girl’s Night IN”.
I will leave you with a quote from Robin Williams that I love! 
Have A Great Day!