My ONE WORD for 2017 is…..wait for it…..

The message at our Christmas Eve service this year was focused on ways to find enchantment in a disenchanted world.

This really resonated with me.  I have been having MANY conversations in the last couple of months about national and world events that fall under the definition of disenchantment. Here it is straight from the dictionary

noun: disenchantment; plural noun: disenchantments
a feeling of disappointment about someone or something you previously respected or admired; disillusionment.

disillusionment, disappointment, dissatisfaction, discontent, discontentedness, rude awakening;



Then look at the other side of the coin……


noun: a feeling of being attracted by something interesting, pretty, etc.: the state of being enchanted
a quality that attracts and holds your attention by being interesting, pretty, etc.

In classic Sweetwater Style…..HMMMMM!

Choosing enchantment as my one word to avoid becoming mired down in disenchantment seems to be a “no-brainer”!
I don’t plan to hide my head in the sand and ignore national and world eventsHowever; I will put them into perspective.

 Now…these are a few of the things I find enchanting!
Sharing a treat with the Sweetwater Grandboy!

 Creating beautiful floral arrangements for special occasions or every day!

 Crafting something original!

 Spending quality time with friends!


may not solve the world’s problems.
But for me… can certainly put them in perspective!
Have A Wonderful Day filled with your own sources of enchantment!