Chances are….
If you are a regular Sweetwater Style reader, you know that this is one philosophy heartily agree with!

I have posted a bunch of times with tutorials for making pretty bows and thrifty sources for wired ribbon.  If you want to check it out….here is the link:  BOW TUTORIAL POST CLICK HERE TO READ IT!

I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about making bows.
Oh foolish me!

I have to admit that tying tiny bows with skinny ribbon has always been a bit of a challenge.
Then I came upon this clever trick for this “terrible” problem!
Are you ready?

Yup… use a fork!
I went out and looked at lots of tutorials.  This is the one that I liked the best.
The photos and directions are very clear.

I spent some time trying this out.
I am always a bit challenged by “puzzle directions” but this was pretty simple.

I have lots of ribbon…..
I wonder what I can stick bows on!
Any ideas?

Have a wonderful day!

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