Sweetwater Style is all about thrifty shopping and Goodwill is definitely one of my favorites.
In fact, I even have a tab called Goodwill Hunting that gives tips for shopping this great thrifty source.

I realized that it has been a while since I shared some of my “finds” at the thrift store.
That doesn’t mean I haven’t been to Goodwill on a regular basis! In fact, I try to get there at least once a week.
I usually go on Wednesdays and join all the other “seniors” for the 25% discount day!
Or…I take a load of donations and use the 25% off coupon that you get with your receipt!

My latest trip to “Boutique Bonne Volonté” (that is Goodwill for the uninitiated) was pretty successful.

That sweet Fitz and Floyd canister is a perfect addition to my growing collection.  Almost everything here is a Goodwill Goodie!

The copper pot/vase was another great find.  I am thrilled to have it to add to the baker’s rack display.

Remember….Bar Keepers Friend is a wonderful copper polish that will keep all of this stuff gleaming.

Those cute little wooden hearts will soon get a coat of copper spray paint and be a “classy” addition to the display.

I am really thrilled with these two skeleton leaf prints.  They are in perfect condition.  They are framed in the perfect frames with a taupe mat that matches our new family room paint color.
What a find!

Yup….the “Boutique Bonne Volonté” price was hefty at $14.99…..but still a deal compared to the list price from Kohl’s!

I am waiting for delivery of a floating shelf for over the television in the family room….

Won’t the pictures look nice leaned against the wall on the shelf?

Oh yeah….and the media cabinet that the tv sits on was a “Boutique Bonne Volonté” deal too…$20!

It is only 2 days until the next Goodwill Senior day….Can’t wait to see what is “in store”!

Have a Wonderful Day!