He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. ― Benjamin Franklin

You may (or may not) have noticed the absence of new posts on this blog.
Here is my list of good excuses!
We have been traveling….20 days in Mexico…poor us!
I have been busy catching up for all the missed time with the Sweetwater Grandboy!
I just didn’t feel like writing!!!!

In keeping with “MY ONE WORD” challenge it is time to share the things I have found enchanting in the past few weeks.

This may be the trickiest way ever to make you look at our vacation photos!

I am enchanted by sea glass….when I was strolling the beach, I kept my head down and found all of these treasures.  I am trying to think of a craft to use them on.  Any ideas out there?

Sunrise views of the Mexican mountainside are definitely an enchanting way to start a day.

A good wireless connection let us watch the NCAA Basketball tournament with the sound of the surf in the background.  That delicious looking beverage is a virgin Paloma…..Grapefruit juice and San Pellegrino Pomelo….AHHH…truly enchanting.

 We are so lucky to have a fully equipped kitchen in the Condo.  We travel to town by bus…7 peso fare (45 cents)….to buy the freshest food to cook and eat on the patio.  Enchanting to say the least!

A tropical vacation is especially enchanting for someone who loves flowers as much as I do.  Everywhere we looked were the most beautiful flowers and greenery.

Last but not least……Sammy the Condo Cat….kept us enchanted.  He looks so much like Marvin and had a lot of the same quirks.

Enough with the vacation photos….
Enough with the procrastination with my blogging…

Hope you can find enchantment in some little or big things in your life!

Have A Great Day!