This Year’s Festival of Trees Contribution

Once again the Sweetwater Daughter and I were privileged to participate in the Auburn Homes Festival of Trees.
Our mission was to create a specific look using a white flocked tree.  
Our color scheme needed to be red, black and green.  
The theme was ” I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”…..but I would add “Oh what fun it it….!”
How to get this look:

The oversized ornaments came from (would you believe) Costco and Menards. They didn’t cost much so we could use a lot.  Some of the ornaments got a coat of black spray paint.  (Finding oversized BLACK ornaments just wasn’t possible.)
The plaid ribbon is woven deeply into the branches…it came from Tuesday Morning.
The “Christmas Crackers” were constructed from a piece of pool noodle and some black and white wrapping paper.  The red bows added a bit of color.
The glittery red and green sprays were probably the most expensive thing.  We found them at a wholesale place, but you could do glitter free branches for next to nothing.
The top hat tree topper was a real find at Pier One.
Faux packages wrapped in our color wave took the place of a traditional tree skirt.


It has been so much fun to create these trees over the past few years.
One of my favorite parts of being a blogger is being able to go back a look at projects from past years.

The Mitten was the theme….
Big Woolen mittens and plaid ribbon….
Slices of wood with the book characters modge podged on them. 


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Full sized records….
Black and White checked ribbon….
Cardboard Jukeboxes and Classic Cars….
A Poodle Skirt tree skirt…..

And All That Jazz!

Gold and Glitz…
Big Instrument ornaments….
Jazzy Black Top hats….
Piano Key Fleece tree skirt….

A Walk in the Woods

Lots of Gnomes….
Woodland Creature Ornaments….
Big Sugar Pine cones….
Resin Antlers….
Rustic floral accents….

Wow…looking back makes me anxious to get started decorating at home…
NOT until after Thanksgiving!  MY RULE!

Have a Wonderful Day!