If you don’t have a bottle of this in your house….
You need to put it on your list of must buys!

I know I could use this for it’s primary purpose….washing dishes….

BUT…honestly…I use the bulk stuff from Costco on a regular basis….

Using a decorative bottle with a pouring top is something I learned from Martha Stewart’s Good Things!

I posted about that 5 or 6 years ago…..

So….what DO I use Dawn Detergent for?

You will not believe how well this works!
Spray it on…..walk away for awhile…..scrub a little…..DONE!

This formula also does a great job on crusty water stained glass and plastic.

These two acrylic beverage tubs are favorites of mine.  They get used for lots of things besides beverages…..like conditioning flowers for events.  I was almost ready to give up on being able to put them out for entertaining…..you can see how crusty the build up was.  A little of the “miracle” sauce and they were back to sparkly and shiny.

On to Part TWO

Seriously folks….this truly is almost magic.

I have tried it on a bunch of things with pretty darn good results.

One of Marvin the cat’s least favorite “issues” is his BULIMIA!  Yup…he overeats and purges all over the carpet!  Since the cat food has orange dye in it….the stains are GROSS!
Of course, he always chooses to leave his treasures on the beige carpet!

 It takes a little time and some elbow grease with the solution of Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Because it is pretty soapy….it takes a good bit of rinsing and blotting to get all the soap residue up.

 Can you believe the way this works!?
Now…I just need to troll through the house and find the old stains….and get them erased!
I don’t have photos of all the successful stain removal, but here are a couple of examples that have worked:
Wine stain on a shirt that had been washed and dried several times……gone in 10 minutes!
Grease stain on my favorite gray sweatshirt…..gone!
Dirty white tennis shoes….scrubbed….and bright white again!
This concoction will be my go to for pesky stains from now on!
I guess you could say:
Have A Great Day!