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Ten Dollar Bouquet of the Week! Awesome Alstroemeria!

Sweetwater StyleApr 20, 20192 min read

Alstromoeria are Awesome!AND……Amazing…. they last almost forever!Affordable….they are usually under $8 for a bunch!Adaptable…. they come in so many colors!Available… you can find them throughout the seasons!I used Alstroemeria and some greens to create this flower arrangement for way less…


Tiptoe Through the Tulips!

Sweetwater StyleApr 12, 20193 min read

The weather outside is frightful…..yes….3 days of snow in APRIL!Tulips to the rescue!I can’t think of a better antidote to the white landscape than a bunch of colorful tulips!I want to show you how I have been using tulips to…


Permanent Botanical Decor! Say What?

Sweetwater StyleFeb 6, 20194 min read

I learned a new fancy name for “fake flowers”. You can now call them  “permanent botanicals”!You all know how much I love fresh cut flowers!The whole idea of our little Sweetwater Floral business is about fresh flowers on a budget!BUT….Lately…


Decor Items to Transition from Christmas to Winter!

Sweetwater StyleDec 29, 20184 min read

source I thought this survey was pretty interesting because I always struggle with when to take down “Christmas”!I love all the glitz and sheen and red and green.But as soon as the big day is over…..it starts to feel cluttered.When we…


Foiling the Felines!

Sweetwater StyleAug 3, 20182 min read

Marvin the cat has developed the most annoying habit/craving!Back in the day….”cute little Marvin” just slept in the green grass and DID NOT eat it! He seems to NEED to eat almost any foliage that is in any floral arrangement in…