Peony Time At Sweetwater Plus a Trick You Need to Know!

Peonies are my absolute favorite flower!   When these flowers burst into bloom, it means that summer is really here. 
I always feel “rich” when these showy flowers bloom!  
They are the epitome of abundance!.  
If you don’t have a peony bush or two (or in our case 17), I would certainly think about planting one.  If you don’t have a garden, go visiting your friends who do.  
I am always happy to share my peonies…..because they don’t last long, they might as well be enjoyed!                                                            

A bouquet of these beauties make  great gifts….just in time for end of the year thank-yous and hostess gifts.

In fact….the Sweetwater Peonies were the flowers in the Sweetwater Daughter’s Bridal Bouquet!

Wonder how much money I save not having to go buy something?
Now I know why I spend all that time weeding!

Last year wasn’t the best year for our plants.  They just didn’t have the look of “excess” we are used to.  We did some fertilizing and got the support cages up early this year…..and I think it made a difference!

These are photos from a couple of years ago….as I write this….it is still so early it is too dark out take pictures!  I will get some shots later and update the post!

Garden Treasure

 Over the years we have added heirloom plants rescued from my mother-in-law’s yard when we sold her house. I think these plants came from her mother’s farm.  Another favorite is the yellow “Golden Treasure”, that was a father’s day gift.  We are gradually adding special variety plants like the showy “Coral Charm”.

Coral Charm

Enough with all the photos

DID YOU KNOW?  You can keep peony buds in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks and use them in arrangements anytime!  This is how florists are able to have peonies for such an extended time!

I learned this little trick 5 years ago when we needed to be sure to have a wide variety of flowers for my daughter’s wedding.

It is soooo simple!

Start by picking peony buds that are at “marshmallow stage”, meaning just at the time that you see color on the bloom.  Cut them quite long (at least 12 inch stems).  Wrap them in newspaper and put them in the refrigerator.  They will look wilted, but don’t worry!  When you want to use them, make a fresh cut on the stem and put them in water for 8-10 hours.  The water will start perk up the foliage and the flowers will open up….just like magic!

It really works….check out this post showing the flowers after they have been in the refrigerator for 3 weeks!

Before I go….look at the gorgeous peony paintings I found on this website!

They are simply beautiful….and reasonably priced too!
Now that would be a way to really extend the peony season….hmmmmmmm!
Have A Great Day!
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