Does your 4th of July weekend include a barbecue or a bonfire?
Do you need a quick, inexpensive hostess gift?
This quick project might be just what you need.

For less than $2.00 each you can make a custom covered box of kitchen matches….like these. Add a tiki torch or citronella candle if you want to be a big spender and you are good to go.
Here is what to do:

  • Target, Cub, Walmart all have 3 boxes of Kitchen boxes for around 5 dollars-go get some!
  • If you are reading this, you probably have all kinds of great looking paper in your “stash”-go find something fun!
  • If you are a “stamper” you probably have stamps that you need to use more-go pick one out…
  • Everybody has a ribbon box-find something that coordinates with your theme.
  • Rubber Cement
  • Scissors or paper trimmer

 Directions: You probably won’t need to read this….but “you can’t take the teacher out of the blogger”.

Start by measuring the matchbox top and bottom….you have to leave the sides undecorated because that is where the striking surface for lighting the match is. Really….you do need to measure, paying attention to the area you are covering…there are slight variations on each box….I have learned this the hard way.

Now use your trimmer or scissors to cut a top and a bottom for your matchbox.

  •  I used decorative paper for the green one
  • I used corrugated paper and a cut out stamp for the patriotic one
  • I used a scrap of mat board (cut with my mat-cutter) and cut out stamp for the chili pepper one

Use rubber cement or other glue that does not bubble.
When I use mat board, I use dry-mount tissue for a really strong bond.
I suppose you could also use spray mount, but I find that to be kind of messy.
I would not use white glue because of the tendency to bubble and you have to wait for it to dry. 

There you have it….hostess gift in 10 minutes…

You should probably make a bunch and put them in your gift closet…..
Peruse these links for other ideas

  •  RealSimple posted a slideshow of hostess gifts.  
  • The Garden and Gun magazine blog suggestions are fun-not cheap but fun. (yes there is really a magazine called Garden and Gun….and it is a great read)
  • Merriment Design suggests potting a mint plant and added a cute tea bag card….hmmmm…repotting mint…sound familiar?

What-you don’t have a gift closet?  Another post, another day!
I need to go make a new patriotic version of this since the one we are using is pretty tacky looking!