Three girlfriends joined me yesterday for some thrifting fun at the Hopkins Goodwill Store.

We did have lots of giggles and found some goodies  too!  

Then we went down the block to recover from all our hard bargain shopping on the patio at Pizza Luce.  Over some delicious food and refreshing beverages, we congratulated one another on our great finds.
What great finds? Read on to find out!

Shame on me….I did not take pictures of all the loot we scored.  You will have to be satisfied with a few photos and a list.

These 3 Pyrex Nesting bowls look like a still life filled with fruit.
I am loving the look of the new lamp and shade….
but am jealous of the rose bouquet, somebody must have had an occasion to celebrate.
This berry bowl was a steal for $2. 
When this cute sundress was just a tiny bit tight on the top for one of us….it worked for me! But not to worry-she found a different cute dress-so it all worked out!
Now I have enough pasta bowls to have a really big party!
A hanging jewelry box with a photo display, some silverware, another dress, 6 plates that coordinate with my daughters wedding china, an old ceramic planter, some black wrapping paper, a vase for a baby shower, a coffee table soon to be redone and on and on and on….
(a note to my fellow Goodwill Girlfriends-comment with stuff I forgot to mention)
I learned some things too! For instance:
Friends don’t let friends by candle sconces that will take too much work to make nice and are probably ugly anyway.
Friends tell you that you can take a risk on a dress if it is only setting you back $5.
Friends have the supplies at home to help you fix up your lamp….and give you the encouragement that it is worth fixing.
Next time we will take more pictures.
Next time we will add the total amount of money we spent so we can really gloat!
I bet our lunch tab wasn’t too much less than our total Goodwill charges!
So the next time you go to Goodwill-just follow the sound of all the silly women giggling in the aisles-you will probably find us!  Do you think they have bouncers-I hope not!

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