Really…when I finish this post I am going outside to the garden!

The Internet service in our area is DOWN!
Tech support says it will come back in 8 to 24 hours! Yikes!
So you might ask how am I posting this?

That is my techy tip for you today.

Did you know you can use your PHONE as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot?
Here is how:
This tutorial is for  an Android Phone with Internet service.
If you have a Blackberry, you can check out the instructions for doing this at this link.

 Find the settings app on your phone and open it.

Look for the Wireless and Networks tab.  Open that.

Look for Tethering and Portable Hotspot.  Open that.

Activate the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot by touching it.
You will see a green check when it is working.

If you are connecting your tablet (mine is an iPad)

Go to the Settings on this device.

Open the Wi-Fi tab and you should see the Android AP as a choice.

Once you select it, you have a connection that is being pulled from your phone.

I do this with my iPad and phone in the car.

On your laptop or Desktop machine  go to the Airport or wherever your Internet service is located and you should see the AndroidAP signal so that you can make the connection.

I have never been charged for doing this.  You might want to check your phone plan to see if there you can do this without a charge.
This connection is SLOW….but it does work!

Good Luck!
I am going to get some real not virtual work done now!

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