I was going through my sweater stash last weekend…..it was definitely time to weed them out!
How did I know?  The dresser drawers wouldn’t shut!
Seems I have an addiction to beige and taupe sweaters made from silk, cotton and wool….there were 7 of them….go figure!
One little (that was the problem…..too little) silk and linen cable crew knit was on the way to the Goodwill bag when it cried out…”Don’t give me away….make me into a pillow!”

 I listened….and here is the result!

Don’t you love the look of the knit pillows you see at Pottery Barn, Ralph Lauren and Restoration Hardware?
The problem for me is that depending on what they are made of they cost anywhere from $30 to $100…OH MY!
Not Sweetwater Style….Or BUDGET!

Ralph Lauren Cashmere Pillow

Pottery Barn Knit Pillows

Restoration Hardware Silk Knit Pillows

Since it always seems that I do my projects and THEN say….”that would make a great blog post!”
I don’t have photos to show the process of making this!
Problem solved when I searched for other crafty people who do write tutorials.

If you want to learn how to make a pillow out of a sweater, check out these tutorials!

Julia at Finding Beauty at Home takes you step by step through the process.  Isn’t her pillow nice?

Rachelle at Adventures in Creating has a good tutorial too!

And Karen at Strictly Simple Style used a cashmere sweater to make this beauty! And she does the tutorial thing way better than I could….check it out!

I plan to keep my eye open for some bargain sweaters on my next Goodwill trip. My little pillow could use a friend or two.

The possibilities for using sweaters for pillows are endless….
and would make great gifts!

  • what about an ugly holiday sweater pillow for Halloween or Christmas?
  • maybe a pillow with the colors of your favorite sports team….add a logo too?

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