It Seems like a lot of the decor out there is a pretty “girlie”….
or to quote my son….”That’s  a little  FESTIVE for me!”

A lot of my decorating is kind of girlie….
Pretty much, I put a bow on everything in the house!
BUT….We do have some touches that are just “For the Boys!”
Take a look!

Mr. Sweetwater’s train set from “back in the day” sits on top of the roll top desk in the den….
I guess this qualifies as an antique by now!

This collection of Nutcrackers really belongs to my son!

He has gotten a new one every year since he was 3 years old….

Some Day….
They will go to his house….
but for now….We get to enjoy them at ours!

And you have to admit…
This is a pretty MANLY wreath!

But apparently not manly enough!
Mr. S. doesn’t like the fact that the antlers from his hunts aren’t big enough!
Go Figure!

This is the Mantle in the lower level….
The photo of the pine tree is one my son took in High School…it is the tree in our front yard!

Do you recognize the 4 x 4 candle stands that we used in the wedding this summer?
Yeah….I have been too cheap to buy matching candles…maybe later LOL!
 We are lucky enough to be the keepers of the skis that belonged to Mr. S’s grandfather….
they are at least 80 years old!
Add a sled and a pair of old ice tongs….
And lastly….

Maybe this kissing ball doesn’t actually count as “Manly”…
But you know….
What good is a kissing ball without a man?!

So now when the “BOYS” shrug their shoulders and say…..
“Aren’t you done decorating yet?”