What do you get when you take….

12    Tired Teachers….
11     Kinds of Ribbon….
10     Bunches of Pine Boughs….
9       Bags of Pine Cones……
8       Spools of Florist Wire……
7      Garden Shears…….
6      Trys  to make  a bow
5      Lovely kids
4      Batches of Cider
3      Trips to Home Depot
2      Men Arranging
And a couple of hours in a teachers lunchroom?
What you get is a memorable time….
and a couple of great looking holiday arrangements too!

Come see the fun we had at our “Make and Take” Decorating Party!
Our school’s “official” Holiday gathering is held after the holidays in January! But it still seemed like we should do “something” social…and this was certainly social.
We asked everyone to contribute $7 for supplies and bring their own containers….

I used my usual thriftiness to get the most from our pooled dollars….

Almost all the greenery was free from the scrap bins at Home Depot….

They GIVE it away…we made 3 trips….and by picking the busiest tree buying weekend….the pickings were great!
 Many of the supples were from our own collections…it was fun to share and see them reused.

 Shared “Freebies”


Dried Florals and Seed Pods
  Sprays of Berries and other ornamentals

 I used out MONEY to BUY:

Some Fresh Greens from the Grocery Store
Paddle Wire
Fresh Floral Foam
Scented Pine Cones
Cider and Spices for Mulling!

I will let the photos and a couple of things I overheard tell the rest of the story!

 When L got done…she decided to add a candle when she gets home….and this is a quote from her!

“Ohhh….it looks just like the one in the Eddie Bauer Catalog”

How many Mothers will get a hand arranged centerpiece from their grown son?

“My brother’s won’t be able to live up to this one!”

Even our Principal got involved…

“My wife won’t mind the fact that I will be at the Dance Performance till 10 tonite if I bring her this!”

 This gorgeous arrangement has a sort of oriental feeling to it!

And then….

“Mommy I think your tree needs me to decorate it!”

Maybe not better…but certainly memorable!

It was nice to have lots of room to work….and extra hands for teamwork!

R and his first grade teacher are making an arrangement for their classroom.
“Sra. F….I think we need more of these glittering things!”
All of these containers came from a quick trip to the Goodwill…
I count 4 different fun arrangements…in less than 2 hours….
Some Greens
Some Wire
A Bow
Instant Door Swag!

Look how nice these look away from the clutter of the workshop…

All in All A Great Time! 
I am thinking this was WAY better than a cookie exchange…
And lots less fattening!
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  1. Veronica

    What a fab idea and looks like everyone had a grand ol time…and yes everyone's hips are better for it!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  2. Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing

    You guys are sure decking over there. Love it all, and Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends.

  3. Miss Charming

    The arrangements are so festive and it looks as though everyone had a good time.

  4. cathy@my1929charmer

    You guys rock! Can't believe how many creative projects you came up with. Everything turned out so festive. Great Job. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration over at Sunday's Best! Keep coming back your part of the family now!