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V is for Pumpkins!

“Q is for Duck An Alphabet Guessing Game” is a great book to get kids thinking “outside the box”!

It is pretty obvious why Q is for Duck…..because a duck Quacks of course!

After you read this book to your child….don’t be surprised if you are inundated with all the other possible alphabet guessing ideas your kid thinks up!

 So….. Are you wondering WHY the title of this post is “V is for Pumpkins”?
Well…..because Velvet makes the prettiest pumpkins!
This year I made a couple of really large brown velvet pumpkins…..
The smaller ones in the photo are made from silk…and they are pretty too!
I did a Pinterest Search for Velvet Pumpkins and found some amazing examples that other folks have made….  CLICK HERE TO SEE LOTS MORE  VELVET PUMPKINS 
How to make Velvet Pumpkins!
I am sending you to this post that Trina Holden did with a super tutorial for making these. 
Her instructions  are way better than any I could write!
Her technique is pretty close to what I did to make mine!
I think the collection of fabric pumpkins on the hearth looks really nice!
 I took a close-up shot of the mantle….because for once it feels like I got the proportions right!  It is simple but interesting…..and considering that everything is DYI or from Goodwill it was also CHEAP….I mean THRIFTY!!!
I guess I will spend the rest of the day outside clearing out the planters on the front steps and front entry!  We have been hit with some pretty hard freezes this no more flowers to pick!
Have A Great Day!  And don’t forget to save your pumpkin stems for next year!