All that wheat grass I posted about last time is growing, growing, growing!

Hard to believe that it looks like this after only 5 days!

 And remember the basket that looked like this 5 days ago?

Well….it grew 3 more inches too and started to flop over….

Time to MOW!
Seriously….me mowing the grass!
Mr. S….don’t get any ideas!!!
I only MOW with scissors!!!

So I cut off about 4 inches of wheat grass…mmm….the smell was like a summer day!

 Now what to do with the grass clippings?

Remember the VitaMix?
I decided to try making a Green Smoothie!

In typical Sweetwater Style, I didn’t use a recipe….I just did it!

Grass in the VitaMix with some orange juice, some green grapes  and a little honey.

That blender has some serious power….I can not imagine that a regular blender would be able to pulverize the grass.

This stuff actually tasted pretty good! 
And as GREEN as it is– it has to be good for you!
Don’t worry….I haven’t gone all health food crazy….but I figure drinking a little of this can counteract some of the LESS than healthy things I drink 🙂
Have a very Green Weekend!  It is gonna be 75 degrees in Minnesota….YIPPEE!
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