Easter is sure late this year…..hard to believe it is April 9th and Easter is still more than a week away!

And still….he daffodils in the yard haven’t peeked up through the leftover snow piles quite yet….but they are available in abundance at the grocery store for very little money…..

They are a little luxury that I treat myself to!

And if you have vistited Sweetwater Style before….you know that I plant an awful lot of wheat grass…..it just makes me feel good to see a little green around here!

I also had this Easter Egg wreath that came from Goodwill long ago….in fact so long ago that it was getting pretty shabby looking!

I took it apart and tucked the little eggs away….knowing that they would find a use one day!

I decided to use all these elements to create a simple and thrifty Easter Centerpiece this year!
All you need is $2 bunch of grocery store Daffodils….
a block of floral foam….and a big bowl of wheat grass!
I cut small blocks of floral foam that I presoaked in water….
I tucked them throughout the wheat grass….and pushed the grass back up around them!
Then it was a simple matter of cutting the Daffodils and pushing the stems into the floral foam!
Then I added the little eggs I had saved from the wreath along the outside of the bowl….
I did add a bit of Spanish moss too!
I tucked a few more eggs around the Daffodils to further disguise the floral foam!
I am really pleased with the finished product…..and Marvin is TOO!
I have some more wheat grass sprouting because I know this won’t last until Easter….!
Maybe by the time I am ready to redo this….t
here will be Daffodils growing in the Sweetwater Garden!
Have A Great Day!